What To Expect From Montoy Law Corporation

It is important to me that you know what you can expect. 

Serving As Legal Counselor

Whether retained as general counsel or special counsel, I serve as a legal counselor, not a decision-maker. I provide even-handed advice — outlining the legal strengths and weaknesses of each proposed action — and each public agency makes its own decisions. I accomplish this by:

  • Providing the reasons behind my advice, rather than just saying “no”
  • Providing alternatives to minimize or eliminate legal risks
  • Explaining the law in a manner that is understandable to City Council, Board Members and staff, as well as members of the public

While I may appreciate my client’s strong desire to take action in a particular way, my duty is to provide professional legal advice. I am not afraid to give an unpopular answer if it is the right advice for my client’s situation.

Montoy Law Corporation provides consulting and advisory services to public agencies and municipalities.

Customizing Services To Clients’ Unique Needs

Every public agency has differing needs. I will personalize my services and fees to accommodate each agency’s unique needs. My goal as a lawyer is to provide quality legal services — helping to obtain the best possible outcome for each situation — while preserving my clients’ resources. This includes:

  • Guiding clients to the best decisions for their unique circumstances
  • Helping clients avoid litigation and limiting their exposure to liability and public backlash
  • Knowing when to argue for a position and when to settle without giving away financial resources

Providing More Than 35 Years Of Unparalleled Experience In California

My clients receive skilled professional services gained by more than 35 years of public law experience. I maintain a long-standing reputation as a highly regarded city attorney and legal representative for public entities. Read more about my practice, call me at 559-579-1924 in Fresno or contact me online.

I strive to engage my clients and make them feel comfortable in confiding in me so that I can in turn provide them with the best legal advice.